Choose your DAW and get to work in Ableton, Logic or FL Studio in one-on-one sessions. Expert direction with passionate tutors who will work with your style of music and guide you through the technical process of creating your own work. The art and science of music production (as well as the business side) will be clearly explained; from synthesis to sampling and recording to FX- we break it all down. Join hub’s community of artists at producer meet-ups and listening sessions; check out the production course content and choose a level that’s right for you. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!


You’ll be guided step by step through creating a body of work for release. All aspects of the creative, production & business processess are de-mystified. You’ll have several ‘ah-hah’ moments as we connect familiar sounds and effects with with the technical controls of your DAW. We’ll show you how to lay down those creative ideas and then turn them into structured, polished pieces ready to be mastered. From there we’ll and prep you for self-releasing or working with labels, including distribution and PRS, developing your artist profile and social media.



You’ll be walked through the production software in each session breaking down music production terminology and techniques. Creating a palette of sounds you can build with, our Essentials range is for those who want a thorough overview of the technical elements of production and an understanding of what it takes to produce as a career or hobby – and most importantly developing your own sound.


1-2-1 studio time

Free sample library

Choose your DAW

Advice on home studio set up

Listening sessions

Discounts on software & gear

Weekday, evening + weekend slots available

Flexible payment plans for students on a budget


A MOT specifically for producers; troubleshooting, designing live set ups & beating writers block. We keep up to date as software and hardware evolves. Whether you want to understand new plugins and effects, try out new equipment, design a live set up, or are suffering with producers writers bloc – we are here to troubleshoot, help and advise you. We specialise in sorting out artists’ technical workflow and analysing where any improvements could be made.


Production course content

  • Software and settings tour
  • Analysing music, developing ideas
  • Sampling; presets, augmentation and creation
  • Recording audio and processing
  • Creating sound palettes
  • Song structure and beat building
  • Synthesis and FX
  • Working with hardware
  • Automation and mixing techniques
  • Bouncing tracks
  • Treating your home set up
  • Workflow review and tips
  • Preparing your work for release
  • The business of music publishing

1-2-1 focused learning on the latest gear in the heart of Dalston

Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Native Instruments, Vintage Synths

We can advise which Production set up would suit your project, space and budget

Learn in your style of choice, and we encourage working on your own tracks

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