We will guide you step by step to reach your DJ goals – whether that’s spinning at a party or headlining a club.

Our 121 lessons will supercharge your DJ skills. Upgrade your music knowledge and jumpstart your DJ performance. Taught by expert industry pros, you'll learn ALL the ins and outs of DJing. From selecting tunes, beat matching to recording your first DJ demo mix.
✔ Equipment overview
✔ Beat matching
✔ Song selection
✔ Beats, bars + phrasing
✔ Rekordbox (export mode)
✔ Creative transitions
✔ EQ + FX
✔ Drop mixing
✔ DJing b2b
✔ Recording
  • Indepth discussion about your DJ goals + experience
  • Introduction to pro DJ equipment
  • The principals of sound and bass
  • Beat matching, beats, bars and phrasing
  • EQ Mixing, Drop Mixing + DJ FX
  • Organising and preparing your music
  • Rekordbox playlists and gridding
  • Analysing and listening to music like a DJ
  • Preparing a setlist + recording
  • Recording a DJ mix
  • Prepare your DJ mix for online
  • How to practice and develop your style
  • What equipment you can use at home
  • How to get DJ gigs with clubs and private events
DJing is a business + we show you how; from branding to email marketing and working with brands. We break it down and help you get set up online.
Our tutors world touring artists passing their endless DJ knowledge and performance skills directly to you. Passionate and inspiring; A.G, CHUX + SAMANTHA lead our DJ lessons.
Learn on industry standard pro Pioneer digital players / DJ mixer + Technics turntables
121 Lessons available Tuesday - Saturday 12-9pm @ HUB16 Studios, Dalston, N16 7XJ, East London.
Online booking calendar to schedule your lessons. 121 lessons can be rescheduled on the day - we understand busy Londoners!
Special Offer 25% Discount Hourly Lessons reduced from £40ph to £30ph during Covid. Each session is 2hrs.
✔ Free starter pack of music
✔ 5% discount off equipment
Hub studios is a meeting spot for new and professional DJs + music producers. Our students have gone on to play internationally, touring with artists, secured top club residencies in Ibiza, festivals gigs and radio.


*you will be able to let us know what level you want to learn at in the sign up form (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro