We are obsessed with music as much as you and will guide you step by step to reach your DJ goals - whether that's spinning at a party or headlining a club!
Our tutors are absolute pros; world touring artists passing their knowledge and performance skills directly to you. Samantha and AG run all the DJ lessons.
Learn with your favourite tunes!
Industry standard Pioneer, Technics and Rekordbox. (We also train with Traktor, Serato or your personal controller. Just pop a comment in the sign up form if you require one of these).
Open from 12-10pm. Access the calendar on sign up, find a time that suit you + reschedule anytime if needed.
  • Introduction to pro DJ equipment
  • The principals of sound and bass
  • Beat matching, beats, bars and phrasing
  • EQ Mixing, Drop Mixing + DJ FX
  • Organising and preparing your music
  • Rekordbox playlists and gridding
  • Analysing and listening to music like a DJ
  • Preparing a setlist + recording
  • Recording a DJ mix
  • Prepare your DJ mix for online
  • How to practice and develop your style
  • What equipment you can use at home
  • How to get DJ gigs with clubs and private events
You will connect with other DJs + artists, we share our industry contacts with you, help get gigs and keep in touch so you have tech support and feedback when you need it in the future 😉
  • Available: Daily 12-10pm
  • Location: HUB16 Dalston


Beginner’s DJ intro pack


Beginner to intermediate pack


Beginner to advanced pack


Beginner group course running four Saturdays 13:00-15:00 starting Saturday 2nd March

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