1:1 Music Production Lessons and Courses

Want to explore music production?

We help electronic artists get comfortable and fluid with their DAW (Ableton, Logic or FL Studio).

Suitable for total beginners to more experienced musicians interested in developing their sound, and audio mixing skills.

“Build good habits. Keep on creating”

Understand how your favourite styles of music are created

Overcome your creative blocks

Produce a completed piece of music ready for mixing and mastering


Music Production Course FAQs

You’ll be guided step by step through creating a body of work. It's personal to you; that could mean building a beat, writing an electronic track or sound designing for a show. You’ll have several ‘ah-hah’ moments as we show you how to lay down those creative ideas and turn them into structured, polished pieces ready to be mixed and mastered.
  • Software and settings tour
  • Analysing music, developing ideas
  • Sampling; presets, augmentation and creation
  • Recording audio and processing
  • Creating sound palettes
  • Song structure and beat building
  • Synthesis and FX
  • Working with hardware
  • Automation and mixing techniques
  • Bouncing tracks
  • Treating your home set up
  • Workflow review and tips
  • Preparing your work for release
  • The business of music publishing
  • Advice on home studio
We’ll and prep you for self-releasing or working with labels, including distribution and PRS, developing your artist profile and social media.
Learn on our in house mac, Ableton, FL Studio or Logic. Keyboards, Push + Outboard available as well. We will help you install trial versions of the software whilst learning.
✔ Free starter pack of music
✔ 5% discount off equipment
✔ Aftercare / feedback on music
Hub studios is a meeting spot for new and professional DJs + music producers. Our students have gone on to play internationally, touring with artists, signed records, compilations, festivals gigs and radio.


Hub Music Production Course

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3. Immediately receive a calendar link to schedule your lessons using the online calendar. Choose lesson time slots that suit you.

We can’t wait to see you develop your sound in the studio!

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