Behind the scenes, helping artists & changing the DJ landscape

Set up in Samantha’s flat in 2014, Hub grew from regular mid week hangouts with with aspiring DJs wanting to practice, Jason repairing production equipment, and Akito giving DJ lessons whilst Mungo made white russians – true story. These regular sessions lay the foundations for Hub (named by artist Drummatix who used to pop by). The Dance Pit was over from New York and needed a space to practice and became our first client. Samantha got evicted for noise…again…and looked for a subterranean spot that could host a set of speakers without complaints. In 2014 we moved into our current space under a lively 24hr corner surrounded by clubs, radio, and late night spots and D Warrior gave our first Serato session to none other than DJ Pied Piper. Perfect.

Hub has grown from a DIY event space into a DJ and music production training studio specialising in artist development. Nightlife and excellent audio is in our blood; we live and breathe Clubland and the journey to get good music made for the dancefloor.

There is no one size fits all – we work with each artist in a unique way, helping to realise their creative vision and musical career. We are tech experts and long time club kids, embedded in underground scenes and savvy in the commercial space.

Over nearly 10 years we have been working 1:1, coaching and advising rising artists from the worlds of Queer Club, House, Techno, Grime & Electronica. During the pandemic we supported East London Clubs and 100s of DJs with streaming services – keeping clubs and their communities connected.

We’ve run open-format DJ workshops for Tape London, NTS Radio with Netflix and co-launched the Superfoxx DJ Academy for Women. We are a sounding board for upcoming LGBTQI+ promoters, help artists prepare for their first mixes, first Boiler-Room and their first Headline gig.

Hub has hosted sets from A.G, Akito, Rushmore, Josh Caffe, Klein, TTB, Public Order, Shy One, Byrell The Great, Jay Jay Revlon, CvntTraxx, Joey La Beija, AQWEA, Dis Fig, Abbey, Jammz & Samantha. The studios have streamed / recorded sessions for Earz, Ell Murphy, Tarquin w/ AJ Tracey, Yazzus, Boko Boko, Juba, Yayoyanoh and Nara. One of our proudest moment has been providing space for the London Ballroom scene to get down and jam with DJs read about it on mixmag here .

Our clients often stay with us throughout their music journey and we can advise on creative feedback, mixdowns, building a team, cutting edge live set ups, DIY tech, provide advice on how to get the most of a deal and connect upcoming talent with promoters and bookers.

We provide 1:1 training, group classes and coaching with A.G, Bok Bok, Alaa, Azadi.mp3, Laila Sakini and Samantha tutoring the next wave of talent.