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Some of Alaa’s projects aka CERPINTXT include a noir-jazz album of interpretations of Egyptian ballads, a semi-improvisational synesthesia-inducing musical game system on the fragmentation and decontextualizion of memories, site-specific works in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula and Serabit El Khadim, ethnic heritage projects documenting music of the East Sinai Bedouin tribes, and neuroscience research on an interactive-music consciousness intervention for comatose patients.

She has performed in Cafe Oto, Electric Brixton, EGG, IKLECTIK, Shelter, Number 27, with tours in Thailand and Indonesia. Her work has been reviewed by The Wire, The Quietus, Mixmag, and DJ Mag She has a radio show on Radio and Root Radio, and performs regularly on Radio Alhara, Threads Radio, Ma3azef, Resonance FM, and She is currently curating her own night titled ‘Boundary Condition’, an event investigating the parallelisation between noir-jazz, hauntology, and music concrete as nostalgia-centric sonic practices.

Alaa teaches week day evenings from their studio in Star Lane on the DLR, East London.



You’ll be guided step by step through creating a body of work. It's personal to you; that could mean building a beat, writing an electronic track or sound designing for a show. You’ll have several ‘ah-hah’ moments as we show you how to lay down those creative ideas and turn them into structured, polished pieces ready to be mixed and mastered.
  • Software and settings tour
  • Analysing music, developing ideas
  • Sampling; presets, augmentation and creation
  • Recording audio and processing
  • Creating sound palettes
  • Song structure and beat building
  • Synthesis and FX
  • Working with hardware
  • Automation and mixing techniques
  • Bouncing tracks
  • Treating your home set up
  • Workflow review and tips
  • Preparing your work for release
  • The business of music publishing
  • Advice on home studio
If your goal is to put out music in the long term, we’ll help you understand and prep you for self-releasing or working with labels, including distribution and PRS, developing your artist profile and social media.
Bring your laptop & headphones to lessons. If you're starting a class install Ableton trial version they day you start your course. You don't need any other equipment to learn.
Hub studios is a meeting spot for new and professional DJs + music producers. Our students have gone on to play internationally, touring with artists, signed records, compilations, festivals gigs and radio.


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