Bok Bok

Ableton Tutor

Bok Bok is Alex Sushon – DJ, producer, & co-founder & exec of cult London label Night Slugs.

Moving from Ukraine to South London in ’92, Bok discovered music via the jungle & garage that saturated their new environment. A hunger for raw club sounds soon drew Bok beyond Grime to other, highly compatible music from Chicago, Baltimore, Jersey, Detroit and Durban – a combined blend of international club music, with a London-soundsystem mentality at its core.

Picking up Ableton was the next step and soon a new sound was starting to take shape via bootlegs, remixes and original productions by Bok as well as other likeminded friends like Girl Unit, Jam City, Kingdom, Ikonika, Egyptrixx and L-Vis 1990.

A decade+ later Night Slugs has changed the landscape of music, reconfiguring club music and seeping ideas into the mainstream.  In 2013 Bok first worked with Kelela, producing 2 tracks for her debut project “Cut 4 Me”, and later dropping the minimal, funky collaboration “Melba’s Call” on NS. 

Since 2018 Bok became an engineer for hire, bringing a signature ‘realistic’ Night Slugs treatment to a wide variety of music. Currently Bok continues to DJ globally as well as produce, remix, engineer and release records on Night Slugs – and new label AP Life – while maintaining their long-standing residency on London’s Rinse FM.


You’ll be guided step by step through creating a body of work. It's personal to you; that could mean building a beat, writing an electronic track or sound designing for a show. You’ll have several ‘ah-hah’ moments as we show you how to lay down those creative ideas and turn them into structured, polished pieces ready to be mixed and mastered.
  • Software and settings tour
  • Analysing music, developing ideas
  • Sampling; presets, augmentation and creation
  • Recording audio and processing
  • Creating sound palettes
  • Song structure and beat building
  • Synthesis and FX
  • Working with hardware
  • Automation and mixing techniques
  • Bouncing tracks
  • Treating your home set up
  • Workflow review and tips
  • Preparing your work for release
  • The business of music publishing
  • Advice on home studio
We’ll and prep you for self-releasing or working with labels, including distribution and PRS, developing your artist profile and social media.
Learn on our in house mac, Ableton, FL Studio or Logic. Keyboards, Push + Outboard available as well. We will help you install trial versions of the software whilst learning.
✔ Free starter pack of music
✔ 5% discount off equipment
✔ Aftercare / feedback on music
Hub studios is a meeting spot for new and professional DJs + music producers. Our students have gone on to play internationally, touring with artists, signed records, compilations, festivals gigs and radio.


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